Indian Summer

I am embracing this Indian summer during autumn, completely in love with the image in my mind of what an Indian summer means to me. Warm nights sitting on a rooftop sipping a refreshing drink, wearing an outfit similar to the one featured here, admiring the whirl of colors the sunset is kissing us goodnight with. Feeling the warm breeze gently bracing my skin. Sitting next to my one true love just breathing it all in, slowly and quietly. Completely mesmerized that God created such beauty in this world. Now that I let you into my mind during my Indian summer night let’s get to my outfit. I love chambray and off the shoulder anything so this top is just perfect for me, it’s actually quite long so that little knot at my tummy was necessary when styled with these culottes. I totally busted out my ‘spring time’ straw bad and didn’t even care! Let’s be real, I look like I belong somewhere tropical but when the weather is so hot it’s hard to dress as if it were fall. It’s California so anything goes!

Blouse: Oasap

Culottes: Boutique  Missguided

Shoes: Zara Steve Madden

Earrings: Francesca’s

Straw bag: Similar



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