Elle’s 5 Tips For Exploring a New Place

I love traveling and have done enough of it to gain some insight on how to properly explore a new place (not that there’s a right and wrong way, simply do what makes you most happy). Below are my special little tips!

1.    Research.     Research what spots you want to see and restaurants you want to try. I always bookmark any cool spots I want to go to on Yelp or in my notes app on my phone.

2. Bike Around.      Renting a bike in a new place is so much fun and such an effective way to see many things all in one day.

3. Bird’s Eye View.   Get a bird’s eye view. Every place I have gone to I always somehow manage to find an amazing rooftop restaurant or place to go to look over the whole city. 

 4. Get To Know the Locals.    Ask the locals because who knows the city better than they do! I’ve eaten some pretty amazing food and seen beautiful things I probably wouldn’t of if I didn’t get to know some locals.

5.  Document.        Lastly don’t forget to document your travels. Snap a picture of every ‘Oh My Goodness’ moment you have.dsc_9034dsc_9025dsc_9022dsc_9041

Blouse: Lucca Couture

White Denim: ZARA