Chic for Fall

I am aware that we are currently in the season of Fall and I wish, I wish with all my little heart, we could get real seasons over here in CA but the harsh reality is we don’t and I’m O-K with that. It only means I get to wear cute off the shoulder tops, ripped denim and open toe strappy heels a little bit longer. I love wearing black bottoms during Fall because it just goes with the season but I especially love these wax jeans. I don’t have any leather jeans but I’m currently on the hunt for some so these wax ones are a very nice replica and just a tad bit more simple. The ripped detail on the knee makes this evening outfit a little more casual and edgy but my open toe strappy heels dress it up so it’s a nice combo. I’m also wearing this suede nude choker, I wasn’t sure how I felt about chokers but they have really grown on me and I have like ten now! I wore my oversized snake print clutch and headed out to dinner!

Love, Elle.


Top: I got it in Mexico for so cheap!!! Seriously I’m going back just to shop at that store! For my readers in Mexico it’s called High Street, if you haven’t gone go take a look you will not be disappointed! As for this top there Are a million are out there!

Wax Jeans: Zara

Heels: B.P. Nordstrom

Clutch: Cute HB Clutch! Splurge! AND Here is a cute Etsy shop!

Sunglasses: B.P.

Choker: Misguided


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