Work edition: Office Chic

Here’s another work edition outfit and I’m wearing this amazing tweed dress. I’ve always been mesmerized by blazers and dresses made from tweed fabric due to the fact that they remind of Chanel, Chanel always uses this fabric, and I believe Chanel has claimed this fabric theirs. If you ever look through their season collection on an ordinary basis, like I am guilty of, don’t be surprised if you see a beautiful tweed dress, blazer, or even coat because I feel like every season Karl Lagerfeld creates some kind of amazing piece made from tweed. Now back to my outfit, it’s simple and professional, no need for any accessories or pops of color. My nude heels are the perfect add on to my simple outfit. My epi leather Louis Vuitton handbag is perfect for carrying my laptop if I need to and of course all of my other ridiculous things I feel as if I must have.  The only pop of color is my bright red scarf I tied around my bag. Office chic ready. Similar items linked below.

xoxo Love, Elle.


Dress- Old cute one here! Here too!!

Bag- Out of Season Check out other epi leather handbags

Heels- Topshop

Scarf-Old similar one here!


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