Chic for Fall

I am aware that we are currently in the season of Fall and I wish, I wish with all my little heart, we could get real seasons over here in CA but the harsh reality is we don’t and I’m O-K with that. It only means I get to wear cute off the shoulder tops, ripped denim and open toe strappy heels a little bit longer. I love wearing black bottoms during Fall because it just goes with the season but I especially love these wax jeans. I don’t have any leather jeans but I’m currently on the hunt for some so these wax ones are a very nice replica and just a tad bit more simple. The ripped detail on the knee makes this evening outfit a little more casual and edgy but my open toe strappy heels dress it up so it’s a nice combo. I’m also wearing this suede nude choker, I wasn’t sure how I felt about chokers but they have really grown on me and I have like ten now! I wore my oversized snake print clutch and headed out to dinner!

Love, Elle.


Top: I got it in Mexico for so cheap!!! Seriously I’m going back just to shop at that store! For my readers in Mexico it’s called High Street, if you haven’t gone go take a look you will not be disappointed! As for this top there Are a million are out there!

Wax Jeans: Zara

Heels: B.P. Nordstrom

Clutch: Cute HB Clutch! Splurge! AND Here is a cute Etsy shop!

Sunglasses: B.P.

Choker: Misguided


Life Update

In case most of you didn’t know I have officially graduated from Cal State Long Beach. I am pretty open about my life and share a lot of my life here on my blog and other social media sites including my beliefs about God, which I think can be very personal for some people, but one topic I never really share on any of my social media outlets is my work, what I studied, or what I want to do in the future. I’m not sure why but that to me is very personal so I won’t be going over that in much detail but I did just want to share that I’m officially a graduate and now that I’m done with school and work full time it’s been great because I feel like I have so much free time on my hands to do things I couldn’t do while I was in school, specifically traveling (flights are always more expensive when everyone is on break!!). Another thing that has taken a lot of my time is this little blog of mine, I have always wanted to blog ever since high school, my sister Rosselle and I always talked about starting a sister blog but we never got around to actually doing it. I did however (kind of embarrassing secret!) start a youtube channel where I uploaded two how to style fashion videos during high school where I quickly chickened out because a friend of mine posted it and gave me way too much attention from people I knew. I don’t know why I was so embarrassed and didn’t keep doing it but as a young teenager I gave up way too easily on things. Now that I’m older and I have found myself and who I want to be, learned to be confident in my own skin, I am so proud and excited of myself for being exactly where I want to be. I’m still working on a lot of things but I know with the grace of God I will slowly get there. I started this blog mostly because of my travels but my love for style has slowly been taking over my blog and it is seriously so much fun to be sharing it with everyone. I want to share more of my lifestyle here and that includes a lot of God related topics, I really struggled with my relationship with God throughout my life but can testify that I am in a good place and have gained much experiences that I would like to share more of. I don’t want this blog to only express my style and travel but I also want it to express God since he is a incredibly big part of my life so that is my little life update. Write to you guys soon.

Love, Elle.


 Hello, today I am sharing a new product I’ve been using and absolutely loving. I was contacted by the brand Schwarzkopf and I am so happy I said yes to trying their products because they are my new favorite hair items. I was given an everyday hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and a volumizing powder. They all smell amazing and leave my hair smelling amazing. I’m always on the lookout for some great hair products and these are definitely on my reccomandation list to my friends. My favorite item given to me has to be the everyday hair mask, I have been trying this hair product for a few months now and I can vouge it has left my hair noticeably silkier and I’m pretty sure my hair is getting all the nutrients it needs because my hair is totally a few inches longer!🙊 I still have so much product and continue to use it, it seems to never run out. Make sure to check out their page because they have so many amazing tips and tricks for all hair types.  As well as their Instagram for some great hair inspiration and most importantly I hope everyone has an amazing hair day!💋 

Love, Elle. 

Work edition: Office Chic

Here’s another work edition outfit and I’m wearing this amazing tweed dress. I’ve always been mesmerized by blazers and dresses made from tweed fabric due to the fact that they remind of Chanel, Chanel always uses this fabric, and I believe Chanel has claimed this fabric theirs. If you ever look through their season collection on an ordinary basis, like I am guilty of, don’t be surprised if you see a beautiful tweed dress, blazer, or even coat because I feel like every season Karl Lagerfeld creates some kind of amazing piece made from tweed. Now back to my outfit, it’s simple and professional, no need for any accessories or pops of color. My nude heels are the perfect add on to my simple outfit. My epi leather Louis Vuitton handbag is perfect for carrying my laptop if I need to and of course all of my other ridiculous things I feel as if I must have.  The only pop of color is my bright red scarf I tied around my bag. Office chic ready. Similar items linked below.

xoxo Love, Elle.


Dress- Old cute one here! Here too!!

Bag- Out of Season Check out other epi leather handbags

Heels- Topshop

Scarf-Old similar one here!

Fall Vibes

It’s September already which means Fall is here! I am extremely excited for Fall, although I do love summer I always love all the layering during fall. I can officially bust out all of my amazing jackets such as this suede one that I splurged on last Fall. After waiting for this jacket to go on sale I decided I had to splurge because it was never going to make it until a sale and I was right! This suede jacket is practically impossible to clean (the inside tag states no dry cleaning, machine washing, and to clean with a “damp” towel which is ridiculous!) nonetheless, I am always extremely careful when wearing it at all times to prevent any regrettable stains and so far it’s been great! It completes any outfit making it instantly effortlessly cool. I wore this dress that I altered to be open back. My booties are comfortable and a great piece to help transition your outfits into Fall, I can assure you they will be making many more appearances on my blog in the future. Links to items are down below as well as my amazing photographers email if you would like to contact him.


Jacket: Blank NYC

Dress: Topshop sold out Pretty fall inspired dress here!

Booties: Joie and on sale here!!

Sunnies: Nordstrom