Lemonade darling? 

Hello my amazing readers! I don’t know if you’ve noticed this recent trend but I feel like this lemon print is everywhere, I’m not sure if it’s because of summer or Beyoncé ‘s new album, lemonade. I happen to already own this amazing silk lemon printed dress I absolutely adore and thought this dress was obviously worthy of being featured on my blog. You might’ve seen it on my New York, New York travel post within a million other pictures but dressed down! I’ve worn this dress with sneakers and a brown leather belt. I love how versatile and easily it can be dressed down or dressed up. For my look today I wore these yellow satin heels that remind of Marie Antionette (I have this obsession with her lifestyle, decor, fashion, and just anything related to royalty). You can think of this look as the modern day Queen Marie Antionette. 🤗 As for my blazer, it’s probably the best investment I’ve made and if there’s any tip I can give any girl it has to be to invest in a blazer that will be in your closet for years to come. It’s just such a classic timeless piece especially when it’s been altered to fit you like a glove. 😍✨ Remember quality over quantity is the key! Leading me to my Chanel bag, simply a classic piece like this will never go out of style and can even be passed down to the next generation.

Details of items and links of similar items linked below.

Love Elle!💋💋

Lemon printed items I love!😍 Here! Here! Cute set here!

Blazer: I especially love Zara’s Blazers!

Marie Antionette inspired shoes! Yellow ones here! Cute ones here! Splurge here!!

Purse: My Chanel bag is as old as me and no longer in season. For this season, Boy Chanel is soooo cute!!

Necklace: J.crew

If you’re interested in this amazing photographer that took my pictures, feel free to email my friend. All of his work is incredible and you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!



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