Elle’s Tips & Tricks when running late

Have you ever woken up late with no time to do your hair or your makeup? I am guilty of this at least once a week and it’s usually monday morning for me!😁 I wanted to share a few tricks of mine when I’m running late.👌🏼 One thing I try to do monday morning is choose a dress so that I don’t have to put much effort and time into actually styling an outfit! Another thing I do is style a braid or bun, here I made a ponytail braid! It’s also a great alternative to applying heat to your hair so I’m all in! As for makeup, keep it minimal, you’re already running short on time! Maybe even consider letting your skin breathe for a day! When I’m fresh faced I make sure to moisturize my skin and put sunscreen since my face will be more exposed and vulnerable to the sun. This day I simply added Chanel Le Volume mascara, touched up my brows with the Anastasia eyebrow pencil, brushed on some pink swoon MAC powder blush and was running out the door for work! I remember I used to feel so insecure without makeup but then one day I wore nothing and was dreading all the weird looks I would get…but no one noticed!! All my friends said I looked the same so that just goes to show we create our own insecurities! I know it’s only a few tricks but when you’re running late only a few are necessary, hope they help you too.

Love, Elle💋

Ps: This dress is from Free People


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