Teen Vogue: Summer Edition

This outfit was inspired by Teen Vogue, when I think of Teen Vogue I think of lively colors of all sorts and new fashion trends one must experiment with especially during the summer. My outfit had to be work appropriate but I was able to incorporate some radiant colors into my outfit such as my hot pink bag you’ve seen a few times before and this dazzling yellow tweed blazer with a surprise of zipper detailing. I paired my two pops of color altogether with a simple striped linen dress and some simple nude heels. As for my hair I made this absolutely beautiful crown braid which actually makes me feel like a modern day bohemian summer princess Frida Kahlo (yes..that’s all together). That sums up my Teen Vogue: Summer Edition outfit. Happy Monday! Deets at the end.

Love, Elle.💋


Blazer- Purchased this in Paris like 2012!! Similar ones herehere, and here!

Bag-Henri Bendel






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