Things you HAVE to do at Disneyland with your bestie! 

One of my favorite things to do is go to Disneyland and going with one of my best friends makes it that much better. We always have a blast and we even have matching ears, #friendgoals accomplished. But seriously, such an eventful day and night full of fun!

  1. PHOTO OPP. There is seriously an opportunity to take a picture on every corner and you have to! Who knows when the next time you’ll be at Disneyland again! Plus there are so many charming little corners to take beautiful pictures at!
  2. OUTFIT PLAN. Plan your outfit ahead of time, even coordinate with your bestie to get some incredibly cute pictures. Which makes me think of how cute our pictures would have been if I found some cute short overalls like I was supposed to be wearing! Make sure you go with some comfortable shoes because… well it’s a theme park and there’s going to be so much walking of course!
  3. RESERVATIONS. Before you go make reservations because you’ll be bummed if the restaurant you want to eat at is fully booked. Make sure to do your research before, there are so many options!!
  4. BREAKFAST. Carnation cafe is my favorite for breakfast because they have the cutest Mickey waffles, so photo pretty. That is one restaurant that is always packed so you need to make reservations. You could also get a sugar powdered Mickey shaped  baguette from cafe Orleans or a sweet treat from Main Street. There are so many options.
  5. LUNCH. I would go smaller for lunch time. If you’re starving the corn dogs are seriously a must have because they are so delicious! Sometimes I even crave them, I never crave hot dogs or corn dogs I find them disgusting most of the time but Disneyland corn dogs are the bomb!! It’s a must eat for me!!
  6. DINNER. This is where you go big and make reservations for blue bayou inside Pirates of the Caribbean. The ambiance there is everything and the food is pretty good too!
  7. BACKPACK. Take a backpack so that you can bring extra clothes because sometimes it gets cold at night and it’s a total bummer when you want to stay longer but can’t stand the cold (like me). Unless you don’t get cold easily then you’re good (or bring bae to keep you warm)! You can still bring things you might need in your backpack, total life saver sometimes.
  8. FAST PASSES. Before standing in an hour long line check the fastpass section so you can get on more rides. As soon as one expires go get another fastpass as soon as you can and keep this system going until you’ve gotten on all the rides with long lines!😉
  9. SELFIE IT UP!! Always take a million selfies anywhere and everywhere! My friend and I  are guilty for taking them all the time!! When we look back at those selfies of us it always takes me back to that moment in time where we were having so much fun or laughing it up! (I feel like we are always laughing, about anything or just acting silly! Sometimes too silly! haha) A picture can bring back sweet memories like that so selfie it up girls!!
  10. SOUVENIER! You have to buy at least one thing to remind you of the day! Whenever I travel or go somewhere new but local I always come back with at least one thing. It’s usually a really beautiful piece to add to my wardrobe or lately it’s been jewelry. It has to be something I’ll wear repeatedly and I have so many special pieces that remind of trips. My friend and I both purchased beautiful stone rings.

Those are my main tips for being at Disneyland but most of all have fun making sweet memories!! Duh!!

Love, Elle.

Ps: Thank you to my best friend Maddie for her creative mind and mad photography skills!!  We definitely have some more cute ideas coming up soon for the summer!!! xoxo.