Bohemian Craze

Hello everyone. 💛 I have never been one to choose the color yellow but this summer I have been gravitating more and more towards it. It’s such a fresh, happy color and I’m all about it this summer! After finding this dress online I immediately decided I was going to buy it and I didn’t care how much it was going to be (In my head the max I would spend on it would be $100-$200!!). To my splendid surprise it was below $100!!😱 Let me tell you.. I basically squealed of pure happiness …I was way too excited! It comes in white and black but the white one was borderline “I’m a bride” and the black was a little too sexy for my taste…. as for the yellow one…I immediately envisioned myself at a summertime soirèe and paired in so many ways.  I love the magical, bohemian, free, airy vibe this dress gives off and the low cut detail also adds a chic touch. It also has some shorts underneath making it so comfortable and easy to move around in. I paired my dress with my studded brown leather sandals and beaded black fringe clutch. As for accessories I opted for a simple necklace and gorgeous hand chain. These two accessories have been my bohemian obsession lately! They’re so dainty and easy to style, especially when I’m going for a very bohemian look!😍💛

All details at the end!

Love, Elle💛img_6542img_6621

All photography was taken by Abraham. ||   ||  @kingmisfit

Yellow Bohemian Dress- Isabelle’s Cabinet

Hand Chain- Henri Bendel (my exact one was sold out) (similar one here)

Necklace-Henri Bendel

Clutch- Blanco

Sandals-Jimmy Choo


Things you HAVE to do at Disneyland with your bestie! 

One of my favorite things to do is go to Disneyland and going with one of my best friends makes it that much better. We always have a blast and we even have matching ears, #friendgoals accomplished. But seriously, such an eventful day and night full of fun!

  1. PHOTO OPP. There is seriously an opportunity to take a picture on every corner and you have to! Who knows when the next time you’ll be at Disneyland again! Plus there are so many charming little corners to take beautiful pictures at!
  2. OUTFIT PLAN. Plan your outfit ahead of time, even coordinate with your bestie to get some incredibly cute pictures. Which makes me think of how cute our pictures would have been if I found some cute short overalls like I was supposed to be wearing! Make sure you go with some comfortable shoes because… well it’s a theme park and there’s going to be so much walking of course!
  3. RESERVATIONS. Before you go make reservations because you’ll be bummed if the restaurant you want to eat at is fully booked. Make sure to do your research before, there are so many options!!
  4. BREAKFAST. Carnation cafe is my favorite for breakfast because they have the cutest Mickey waffles, so photo pretty. That is one restaurant that is always packed so you need to make reservations. You could also get a sugar powdered Mickey shaped  baguette from cafe Orleans or a sweet treat from Main Street. There are so many options.
  5. LUNCH. I would go smaller for lunch time. If you’re starving the corn dogs are seriously a must have because they are so delicious! Sometimes I even crave them, I never crave hot dogs or corn dogs I find them disgusting most of the time but Disneyland corn dogs are the bomb!! It’s a must eat for me!!
  6. DINNER. This is where you go big and make reservations for blue bayou inside Pirates of the Caribbean. The ambiance there is everything and the food is pretty good too!
  7. BACKPACK. Take a backpack so that you can bring extra clothes because sometimes it gets cold at night and it’s a total bummer when you want to stay longer but can’t stand the cold (like me). Unless you don’t get cold easily then you’re good (or bring bae to keep you warm)! You can still bring things you might need in your backpack, total life saver sometimes.
  8. FAST PASSES. Before standing in an hour long line check the fastpass section so you can get on more rides. As soon as one expires go get another fastpass as soon as you can and keep this system going until you’ve gotten on all the rides with long lines!😉
  9. SELFIE IT UP!! Always take a million selfies anywhere and everywhere! My friend and I  are guilty for taking them all the time!! When we look back at those selfies of us it always takes me back to that moment in time where we were having so much fun or laughing it up! (I feel like we are always laughing, about anything or just acting silly! Sometimes too silly! haha) A picture can bring back sweet memories like that so selfie it up girls!!
  10. SOUVENIER! You have to buy at least one thing to remind you of the day! Whenever I travel or go somewhere new but local I always come back with at least one thing. It’s usually a really beautiful piece to add to my wardrobe or lately it’s been jewelry. It has to be something I’ll wear repeatedly and I have so many special pieces that remind of trips. My friend and I both purchased beautiful stone rings.

Those are my main tips for being at Disneyland but most of all have fun making sweet memories!! Duh!!

Love, Elle.

Ps: Thank you to my best friend Maddie for her creative mind and mad photography skills!!  We definitely have some more cute ideas coming up soon for the summer!!! xoxo.


Dotted Swiss fabric 

This is my official entry for the manrepeller, bloglovin’, and H&M contest!💛  I am also sharing my baby blog with everyone publicly. I have always  had a great admiration of personal style as well as a great infatuation with traveling and that is the epitome of my blog including my illustrations (haven’t shared many due to insecurity or reluctance, working on it) , Do-it-yourself projects and personal lifestyle activities. Hope everyone enjoys, I would appreciate your feedback in the comment section below!🙈🙊

The contest mentioned before asks us to style a piece from H&M and I chose this midi dress (because I don’t have too many midi dresses already😁). I immediately fell in love with this dress due to the simplicity of it and became obsessed with the dotted Swiss fabric detailing of it. This dress reminds me of the 40s making it simply a classic dress. I styled my dress with some brown leather gold heeled sandals and a fun straw bag. I also believe hair plays a big part in styling an outfit and I thought a messy french braid was very fitting for my look. I curled my hair before braiding to give it more texture and pulled out a few strands to frame my face. To my surprise, after I took my dress home, I discovered buttons along the bottom of the top and the straps as well making them removable. I am able to wear this dress as a skirt and top, a halter top, or even paired separately! 😍 Did I even need another reason to be more obsessed with this dress?-No, but I am!  This concludes my entry and post on this dotted Swiss fabric dress. Details are at the bottom along with the links if you would like to purchase any items.

Love, Elle

Ps: These pictures were taken in New York City, on a balcony, belonging to Kate Spade. They were so kind to let me use it for my mini photoshoot as well as providing me drinks and this adorable book. If you’re a planner like me this book needs to be on your shelf immediately! Kate Spade, thank you. 😘


Dotted Swiss Fabric Dress- H&M

Bag- Blanco

Shoes- Tory burch (Similar! )

Sunglasses- Raybans Aviators


My LBD (little black dress) collection isn’t very large, actually not large at all, but I definitely think every girl needs to have at least one! They’re the perfect last minute dress for any occasion and they’re so easy to dress up and dress down. I dressed mine down a bit with a brown leather belt and denim jacket and some brown little wedges that match the belt. It’s by the brand J.O.A  and seriously my favorite brand ever! They always have such beautiful unique clothes for an affordable price, which is always a plus in my book. This dress has such beautiful detailing on the chest up towards the shoulders with a criss cross detail and along the bottom as well. I definitely think this dress looks way more expensive than what it is.

Details towards the bottom as always, get your dress ASAP!!! Happy shopping!

Love, Elle.

DSC_6692DSC_6693DSC_6695DSC_6697DSC_6701DSC_6690DSC_6700DSC_6703Dress- JOA

Belt- J.Crew (Similar one!)

Shoes- The Rack (Similar)

Denim Jacket- Zara

How to style high waisted shorts!

My favorite item to style my high waisted shorts has to be a crop top! I have this high neck, white lace crop top I paired with my high waisted denim shorts but any time I pull these shorts out I usually go for a crop. I go for a crop top because I think that is really the only time you can get away with wearing a crop top. I would never wear a crop top with regular shorts or jeans, it shows way too much skin, I’m too shy. I only wear crops with high waisted bottoms. I also threw on this duster vest because it was turning into a chilly evening but not enough to wear an actual jacket. I chose my blush colored lace up flats because I thought it went perfectly with the top making it a more delicate girly look. Also chose my go to brown leathered bag!  That’s all for my outfit, details at the bottom as always! Happy wednesday!

Love, Elle.

Top- old ( Similar here)

Vest- target

Shorts-Brandy Melville (similar here)

Shoes- topshop (black ones here) (nude ones here)

Bag- Rebecah Minkoff

Sophisticated Look  

DSC_6643Here is a very sophisticated look that incorporates lace and chambray. This white flowered lace pencil skirt is perfect for the corporate working gal. I have also worn this skirt with a white lace crop top for that sophisticated nighttime look, or a button up checkered top tucked in for a fancy musical, there are seriously so many ways to style this skirt! I wore this outfit to church on Sunday paired with some classic open toe heels. I accessorized with my simple rose gold watch and hot pink bag, that’s it! Details are at the end,have a great week!

Love, Elle💛


Shirt- (older) Zara ( similar) (cute one here!)

Skirt- H&M

Heels-  Nordstrom

Bag- Henri Bendel

Watch- Movado

Hey, Eyes Up Here!

It is now slowly transitioning into summer and getting hotter each day. That means more shorts and more buns! I’m also so excited to share this adorable little wedge from Soludos, it is the perfect spring/summer shoe. I think the lace up detailing on the ankle of the shoe makes it pretty much the girliest shoe ever created. This particular style comes in so many colors and prints, it was hard to turn down the stripes ones but I just thought this white one was more classic and easier to style. I already have so much clothes with fun stripes or prints I thought this color and simple white print would get more use paired with my wardrobe. Now the moment we have been waiting for…are they comfortable? Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! I have worn these all day and surprisingly last all day. I will definitely be purchasing these in a tan color soon. I paired my shoes with some fun printed shorts and a white top. I tied a silk scarf around my head to hold back any little hairs because I ran out of hairspray but I loved how it came out. I’ve also had this scarf since high school, it reminds me of so many fun memories. The bag I have here also remind me of an amazing trip to Mexico with my cousins, we all had a blast. I found this bag and paid only five dollars for it!!! Obviously couldn’t say no. This is my perfect beach bag to style a cute outfit. I have another one for carrying my towels and all that too! That basically sums up my outfit, don’t forget the details are at the end.

Love, Elle.


Wedges- Soludos

Shorts- Zara ( black shorts ) (printed black shorts )

Blouse- Zara ( white top )

Scarf- (super old, from 2008) Neiman (will probably never make again ) (similar )

Bag- Mexico but I found sooo many cute ones!! here+ here +here +here+ here



Dash of Darling

Here’s another floral dress, as if I don’t have enough! I just couldn’t turn it down and I’m so thankful for my shopping addiction because it’s the perfect dress for an excruciatingly hot day. I’ve worn this dress a few times and just recently when the weather was at 93 I wore it with a tight little bun. When I wear this dress I need zero accessories because the dress is enough. I always choose simple sandals so that it doesn’t take away from my dress. I wore my oh so lovely Jimmy Choo sandals I’m obsessed with and my mini hot pink little TB bag. In reality this outfit is so simple but because the dress has so much going on there is no need for much accessorising. Maybe that is why I love dresses so much! Secrets out! I feel like you don’t have to try but yet you look so incredibly put together, that is the power of pretty little dresses. Am I right, does everyone feel this way? Well I definitely do!

Details are at the end.

Love, Elle



Dress- Wayf

Sandals- Jimmy Choo

Bag- older Tory burch ( very similar one )

Achoo, Bless you Jimmy choo!

I just found and purchased these little jimmy Choo sandals! I thought they were just perfect to style with basically anything and I was right! Besides wearing them with this off the shoulder dress I’ve also worn them with jeans, shorts, and rompers! They work for any of my outfits and are so me because I’ve always been a brown leather type of girl over any other color. Now the heel on these shoes is not too high and not too short, it’s just the right size. They are extremely comfortable!🙌🏼  For this post I paired my sandals with this gorgeous little off the shoulder linen dress, perfect if you’re going to be eating a lot or somewhere hot😉  I’m already planning on wearing this dress to Palm Springs this summer!  I chose a white choker as my necklace because I’m still trying out this choker trend and I thought it looked adorable with this outfit. As for my bag I opted for something that matched my shoes but could also carry a lot because I needed something a little bigger than a mini purse that day. Details will be at the end along with the links!

Love, Elle

DSC_6413 (1)

Shoes- Jimmy Choo (cheaper ones) (even cheaper ones)

Dress- Lush  (similar) (similar)

Bag- Tory Burch

Choker- DIY’d ( ribbon from Michael’s)


Flutter in Floral


I have found thee most comfiest maxi dress ever and probably the cutest ever as well. It’s so feminine and flirty with the open back, ruffled straps and floral details. I also love the slit on the side of the dress because it allows you to wear some cute sandals or gladiator sandals like mine! I can’t get over how cute it all looks together and my favorite part about this dress has to be the open back! I can live in maxi dresses and this one is a perfect addition to my maxi dress addiction. Okay, I also have to rave about my sandals because I have got to say I am in love with them! I have never been a fan of high gladiator sandals, I always thought it looked a bit tacky or just weird but I think this trend just recently grew on me. Well, to be completely honest some of them can look a bit weird and I don’t love them all but when I saw these I thought they were so versatile and had a bohemian feel. I have worn them a million times! As for my bag, it’s hot pink and gorgeous! Franciose was in love at first sight and I couldn’t deny him from true love! That’s basically my outfit, details at the bottom as usual!

Love, Elleimg_5374-1img_5367img_5368img_5362img_5364img_5372img_5371img_5376img_5374-1

Maxi dress: Isabelle’s Cabinet 

Sandals: Free People

Bag: Henri Bendel

Watch: Movado