New York, New York

(I tried squeezing every single picture from my trip and that meant shrinking a million of them. If a picture is too small you can click on it to enlarge.)

Day One

Arrived pretty late but ventured out to Times Square.

Day Two

Woke up rather but late but went to have breakfast which was a hibiscus donut and blueberry smoothie. Then it was off to The Rockefeller where I got some amazing shots of the city from way up in the sky. The view was breathtaking! After that we grabbed some pizza and ventured once again to Times Square for some shopping.

Day Three

Had breakfast at the cutest little spot ever where the walls were painted bright yellow, so different from all the buildings here. Had some delish brunch because once again, woke up late heading out the door at 11 but either way the food was sooo good! Then it was off to The Met passing central park where I got some ice cream swirl with sprinkles, my fav! My favorite part of this museum had to be the fashion, top designers displayed their creations and it was beyond beautiful and amazing how much detail goes into creating a masterpiece. Then of course after the museum closed we strolled through central park to get to shake shack where omg the food was everything I could’ve asked for at that very moment. After eating at Shake Shack it was some more exploring of the stores and park.


Day Four

It was Raining therefore making it a perfect day for a museum, The Natural History Museum to be exact. So much history about Earth it was definitely quite interesting and it basically lasted all day. After the museum Shake Shack was so near by it was calling our names so Shake Shake for dinner!

Day Five

Had brunch at John’s wife Freda and it was sooo good and different from any kind of brunch I’ve ever had. Passed Chinatown where I purchased a little red dress from a nice little old man and I’m wearing it next year for Lunar New Year. You can’t go to New York without visiting the 9/11 memorial, it is a day that should never be forgotten, thousands of people died or were affected by this terrorist attack and it was so sad to something like that happened but our flag stands high and we were all united during this time. Although it is a sad museum the memorial which replaced the twin towers is beautiful and very peaceful. For dinner we had seafood, fish burger and fish tacos. Definitely hit the spot after so much walking. After dinner on our way back to the hotel we ran into The Grand Central Train Station pictured in so many movie scenes.


Day Six

Literally went shopping all day and to watch a play in the evening. Probably one of my favorite days! The play was beyond incredible, it felt like I was in it being so close to the stage. The play was The King and I, when I was little I watched the movie over and over because I loved it and this play was amazing.

Day seven

We to the central park zoo where the cartoon Madagascar takes place in and loved it! I think I have this new obsession with zoos, they’re so much fun! After the zoo it was off to the yankee game where the food was so good! I had a hot dog, nachos, lemonade and a smoothie! Such a fun day, we all had great seats too!!


Day Eight

Last day made it out to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. Once again a museum that was very interesting on Ellis Island called The immigration museum. If you’ve watched Brooklyn film this museum will make you think of that film! It’s all about European immigrants and what some families went through. Kind of rushed this museum because we had reservations for Bergdorf Goodman tea! I am obsessed and in love with tea houses, with the actual tea, the sweets, and the whole ambiance. It’s definitely “my scene”!! So when I heard Bergdorf had afternoon tea I made reservations and loved every second of my time there. Possibly sat in the seat  where one of Sex in the City actresses, Gossip Girl actresses, Jackie Kennedy have sat in! Everything was delicious, another one of my favorite things I did. Then it was time to head back home.




8 thoughts on “New York, New York

    • ellesadventures says:

      Thank you!! That means a lot! ❤️
      And yes! The city pass is such a great deal because it’s $116 but you get to go to 8 spots that almost cost 50 bucks each or sometimes even more! You also get to cut some of the long lines because you technically have tickets! Definitely worth it if you’re staying there for 5 days or more! And for beautiful rooftops I would recommend Le Bain at the standard hotel! You can take some beautiful pictures there. You do have to be 21 or over though. I forgot to put that in here but it’s def a must see! 😍Just to relax.


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