Seattle, Washington

Day one

Arrived in Seattle at 11 in the afternoon and immediately went exploring after eating at lowell’s, inside Pike Place Market. We went to the second floor and enjoyed some brunch overlooking the pier of Seattle. After we ate we walked around the market admiring every single flower stand! We headed on over to the Seattle Aquarium where we saw so many animals, first time being in an aquarium and I must say I enjoyed it. Once we saw every single exhibit we went on a boat tour, it was so cold but so worth it! For dinner we ate at the pink door, only way to get there is through the pink door. Food was bomb, restaurant’s interior design was diverse. The last thing on our list was the ferris wheel.DSC_4074.jpg






Day Two

The second day was full of beautiful sights! Had to go inside of the very first Nordstrom that was five floors high, biggest Nordstrom yet! We also came across this very innovative area of food trucks, I thought it was such an interesting thing to have and there were so many people getting their lunch there. Our next stop had to be Pike’s place market once again only to look at all of the flowers from that day. I of course created my very own bouquet and my theme was lavender and dark purples. Then it was off to Chihuly museum, I have always been extremely fascinated by art but this was something else. I have never seen anything like this and I was inspired by all the bright colors and the actual process of creating these glass sculptures is beyond amazing, the creativity, patience and confidence has to be on another level. I love how Chihuly puts his masterpiece somewhere not expected turning something ordinary into something phenomenal. His work is actually all over the world and I would love to see it all! The museum also has the most quaint little cafe called The Collections Cafe where Chihuly has a bunch of random things he collects. Super random but the food was good and it was fun to sit there and look through all his collection and we even made fifty bucks there by completing a survey! We had dinner at Salty’s where the food was delicious and the view from our table was magical.








Day three.

It was Zoo exploring time! So much fun and I can not begin to explain how fun this random day was. Every single animal knew we were coming and hung out with us it was pretty cool! We had lunch there and it was delish! That basically lasted the whole day. For dinner we went up the space needle and enjoyed our dinner while the space needle revolved in circles very slowly. Hands down without a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever eaten in my life where not only is the food undescribable but the view was unreal. It was definitely a pinch me please kind of moment. Later that night we then went salsa dancing in the most crazy place ever! Such a classy dance studio full of amazing dancers from every single ethnicity, I was amazed and maybe a little intimidated. It was a pretty unforgettable last night in Seattle.




Day Four.

Our very last day we had brunch at the cutest little tea house, Queen Mary’s Tea Room. So yummy! e then walked over to the nearest park where we got on a paddle boat and just relaxed. After that we headed over to Percy’s & Co to much on some appetizers and have an ice cold drink because it was so darn hot!! Once again the food didn’t disappoint, it never seemed to disappoint. One last stop to Pike place to pick out some flowers where I was given a bouquet for free and purchased another one. I came home with flowers from Seattle and I was beyond excited to get home and arrange them all in my big blue vase.






Seattle is must see!

Love, Elle.