Picnic lovin’

DSC_3779My mom has the cutest little picnic basket complete with little plastic wine cups, plates, spoons and forks, literally the cutest! I wanted to share it on Elle’s Adventure so for the purpose of this photoshoot I have a ridiculous amount of chocolates and only three muffins with wine! (haha) In real life I would’ve had less chocolate and more food! Anyways, this Spring it’s time to have more picnics because it’s seriously so much fun and you can have a picnic anywhere!Definitely my favorite thing to during Spring since it’s not too cold but it’s also not annoyingly hot, it’s the perfect weather. We went to a park but you can go anywhere even your backyard! Fill up your picnic basket with all your favorite food, set up a blanket and just eat and relax with your favorite people. Hope you leave with some inspiration for your next Spring activity.

Love, Elle

Don’t have picnic basket but want one?
Purchase below.


PS: I know there are a million pictures, I just had to post them all because I couldn’t choose between them & there are even more!….so this was cutting it already…  Thank you to our photographer that will be left unknown. xoxo!


Don’t have picnic basket but want one?
Purchase below.

Picnic Baskets: Buy Here or here or here!


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