Rosarito, Mexico

Rosarito, Mexico was my trip for the month of March and it was so much fun! To be honest I was a little scared of going but once I was there it wasn’t scary. We spent our weekend walking around and trying the different kinds of food. One thing I definitely wanted to do was ride a horse or camel and we did just that! Seriously the funnest little getaway that’s nearby. I separated my pictures in three categories Pretty scenes, food, and my camel picture overload!

Pretty Scenes.

All the beautiful scenes were so photogenic I had to take advantage of this photo opportunity. Some by the sea, others on top of pretty little buildings or inside ridiculously cool restaurants! The decoration was insane and probably took forever to put together.



Puerto Nuevo was our first stop and that was for some delicious lobster!! After that we ventured into the city by feet and tried these drinks put into handmade clay cups. Later on while we were walking around the beach we had some “tostilocos” for my first time and I seriously cannot begin to describe the taste or how much I loved them! For dinner we stopped by a restaurant called “El Nido” where the ambiance is so cool and the food is probably the best restaurant in Rosarito since there’s always a line! So worth it we came back our last day for breakfast.


Camel Overload.
Sorry for the camel picture overload but I couldn’t resist! They are all so cool!!
Can’t wait for my next adventure….

Love, Elle


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