Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Is Around The Corner And I Put Together The Perfect Little Valentine’s Gift That Is Perfect For Any Girlfriend Of Yours! It’s Basically A Pile Of Girly, Cute, Pink Things Plus Sweet Treats!

154786965What Will You Need?
1. A Fun Bag Of Your Choice That Will Be Easy To Close And Mail Away!
2. A Fun Little Valentine’s Day Card.

What’s Inside?

1. Starburst (Tropical Flavored Only)
2. Chocolate Kisses
3. Essie Nail Polish
4. Nail Filer
5. Girly Notepads
6. Annie’s Bunny Gummies
7. Pink Stuffing Paper

& Obviously…..
You can literally put anything you would like to, it’s all about making it fun and a thoughtful that you know your friend will appreciate!

Have fun and be creative.

Love, Elle

Posted in: diy

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