Happy Valentine’s Day!! This is such an exciting post because my boyfriend and I worked together on this post and i absolutely love it! I think his style is definitely worth sharing as well. I of course would like to take teeny tiny credit for that but it’s mostly him putting together his outfits. Anyways, here is our take on a typical Valentine’s day outfit with a lot of hot pink and perfectly wrapped flowers (which I was obsessed with!). We each had one pop of color, my skirt and his tie which was hot pink and the rest was kept very simple. I think our look came out so cute and I am looking forward to doing more couple  shoot with him in the future.
Xoxo, Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Love, Elle

ps: As always, details are below.


4377056_orig4881282_origMy outfit
Hot pink skirt- Eliza J.
Crop top- ZARA (similar)
Shoes- Topshop
His outfit
Shirt- H&M
Tie- topman (similar)
Suspenders- J.crew
Shoes- original penguin 
Socks- Ted Baker
Watch- Nixon


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