20 Things To Do With Your Bestie!


20 Things to do with your BESTIE!
1: Go shopping!! (Maybe…….. buy some cute matching pajamas!! *wink wink*)
2: Rent some movies, pop some popcorn, pour some wine, put on those matching pajamas and just relax!
3: Rollerskating! Dress up with your besties and show off those dance moves while skating!
4: Go salsa dancing or take a dance class if your dance moves are not so great…haha
5: Dressing up for a cute dinner is always so much fun!
6: Grab some lunch together! (always good when you just want to hang out)
7: Take a hike!
8: Go to the beach!
9: Dress up and go have a fancy brunch!
10: Go snorkeling!
11: Take a mini road trip!
12: Double date!
13: Disneyland day!
14: Karaoke!
15: Go to a park!
16: Go the movies in your pajamas and take a blanket to be extra warm and comfy!
17: Get a massage!
18: Get those nails done!
19: Go to a Zoo!
20: Go bike riding on the beach!

There’s obviously a million more you can do but this is only 20!!


Pajamas provided by Victoria Secret


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