Plaid & Coffee

Oh, what a perfect combination on a cold December day, plaid and coffee. I have never been a big fan of plaid but this month I’ve decided incorporate it a little more in my outfits. I have maybe like five plaid pieces in my wardrobe and they are usually used when I’m layering to try to stay warm and they tend to always be at the very bottom of the layers so they won’t be the focus of the outfit. But, this lovely month of December I found a plaid scarf in my closet that I bought last year that I have never really used until this month so I decided to try it out. When you are using this shade of plaid it will always look better with dark, neutral or one tone colors because there is already so much going on with this print. This is why I chose a simple grey little sweater dress and my black boots. I was also very surprisingly warm and it was all because of this scarf I somehow turned into a poncho but for next time I would definitely add some sheer black tights or thicker tights because it has been so cold lately! Anyways details will be at the end.

Love, Elle


All about the PLAID SCARF!
Purchased at Zara but you can buy a similar one……..
There are so many options of shades, thickness, and styles so it’s really up to you!


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