Friends. What can I say about friends?… All my life I always had a so called “best friend” since I could remember. Every year I had a new best friend because my friends never stuck around or maybe I never stuck around?.. I’m not sure but either way every year meant a new best friend. I’m currently in college now and I have come to realize that all the friends that have stuck around in my life have the same purpose as me and they enjoy the same things as me. Our purpose and enjoyment that I’m writing about is what keeps us going and has brought us even closer throughout the years. It’s God, all my friends that I basically grew up with and are still in my life that I care about so much are also in my church life. If they aren’t in my church life they eventually kind of disappear from my life. I still to this day wonder why some of my friendships I thought would last forever didn’t but I’ve come to realize that God has been answering all my prayers very slowly and very quietly giving me friends that I can trust. It is important to surround yourself with friends that love the same thing you do and want the same things in life because that will be the pillar to your friendship. My pillar has always been God and whenever I meet a new person in my life I always always introduce them to the church life and hope they see what I see.


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