2016 is MY year!

The year of 2015 feels as if it has escaped me, I didn’t take the time to do any of my favorite things and became more consumed by work and school. Although it was a great year and I really don’t have anything to complain about I want 2016 to be amazing year. 2016 is my year and I have decided that mostly because of these four reasons.

Number 1: 2016 is my golden year!! (I am turning 24 on the 24th!!)
Number 2: I am officially graduating from my University!!
Number 3: My birthday month happens to be the same month I walk for my graduation ceremony!!
Number 4: Chinese Lunar New Year’s animal is the monkey which is my year!!

Now those two reasons have convinced me that 2016 is my year for all of my adventures to take place so I have made myself a promise to do everything that I love to do but also be the most responsible version of myself. This includes making a little more time to dress up or do my hair and makeup even though rolling out of bed and getting into some comfy gym clothes with hardly any makeup for school is tempting. I’ll save the gym clothes and no makeup days for my finals week. Putting in a little more time into this little blog of mine which is actually super fun even though no one reads it I can always look back onto here and reminisce of all the fun things I did or was excited about in the past. I also want to start drawing more it has always been my way of relaxing and letting go of my imagination…I’m just mortified of sharing my pieces with anyone…so who knows when I’ll share a piece here on Elle’s Adventure. What I definitely will share is my adventures that take out of place since I already have some planned. I want to go somewhere different every month with people I love and just see different places and eat different foods simply doing things I love. Another pastime I want to do more of is read The Bible. I have always tried to read everyday a little here and there but never really gave myself a schedule. This year I found a website called “Read His Word” that creates a schedule for you so I’m sticking to it and love it so far! The best thing about this website is that you can do it anywhere from your smartphone! This is probably my main priority and goal I just want to gain a little more Christ and knowledge from him for my full enjoyment.

Now to be the most responsible version of myself I can possibly be I need, need, need to start saving more and spending less. I am always spending on anything and everything…clothes, food, shoes, things I just don’t need so this year I am going to really ask myself if I really need an item or not. I’ll start making my own lunches to avoid spending so much money on food and just really think before I spend. I want my savings account to look fabulous! I also need to focus on my last semester of school so I can finish tenaciously and victoriously walk down my commencement ceremony in May. After my graduation I’ll be working full time and making that savings account look extra extra fabulous!

& that is how I envision my 2016! I hope it all just falls into place and I find more happiness, love, faith, friendships, and adventures. Thanks for reading have a great 2016!

Love, Elle


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