When it comes to describing my style the first word that pops into my mind is bohemian but I also have another side of my style that is more elegant and simple and I am in love with how chic and elegant this look is making it perfect for any occasion you have to dress up for. This blazer reminds me of Chanel and that’s probably why I love it so much. I decided to go for all black and make my blazer the focus point of my outfit. I went with a silky highlow top and wax jeans that are an alternative to leather jeans and of course nude heels. Making one item from your outfit the focus of the whole outfit is one way to keep your outfit simple…. well depending on what the focus you choose is but either way it’ll make your outfit always look a little more put together.

Love, Elle



&& in case you were wondering what was inside my little Chanel bag, I received the most beautiful classic earrings that I absolutely adore.

Happy Holidays!

Love, Elle


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