Staying Focused

It can be so hard for me to focus when it comes to studying but here are a few things (not studying related) that I have realized help me get my things done. These are in no particular order.

Having A Clean Environment


Having a clean environment. If I am studying in my room I need my room to be nice and neat, everything has to be in order. If I have a messy room I just can’t focus because I am being distracted by all of the mess around me. I have to make my bed, every pillow has to be in order. All of my clothes has to be hung up, not laying on my bed or couch. Every shoe has to be out of sight. Personally I like all of my clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories to be put away. I don’t like displaying anything in my room. I like my room to be organized and that’s organized to me. I don’t like feeling like I am sleeping in my closet, personally that is just my preference.

Dressing How You Want To Feel


Dressing how you want to feel. Thinking back to highschool I noticed I always felt more motivated to take notes and pay attention when I dressed well. When I dressed like a bum I felt lazy and just wanted to roll back into bed so I started putting more effort into my appearance. I have realized dressing how you want to feel is the best thing you can do for yourself. I always try to get up a little earlier to curl my hair, choose an outfit, and do my makeup. Making a little bit of extra time for those things make me feel good about myself. Even when dressing in activewear I always try to make a cute pony or bun and always put on some mascara with some translucent powder and tiny bit of blush. It really will make a difference in how you think, act, and feel. People around you will also notice, give yourself that boost of confidence that can make a difference.

Reminder Of What Your Goals Are


Keeping up a reminder of what your goals are. Having some type of inspiration as to why you are doing something. For example I’ve noticed making an inspiration board or having a little reminder helps me stay focused and reminds me of my goals that I want to achieve. Every day I’ll get up and see my reminder up on my wall or even on my phone’s wallpaper. Since I like my room to be very simple, the type of reminder I have hung up on my wall is a verse John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less” which actually reminds me of why I am studying. Not only that but it helps me have a relationship with God.

Surrounding Yourself With Friends That Have The Similar Goals



Surround yourself with friends that have the same goals. I personally have very few friends but the few friends that I do have are amazing. All of my best friends have big goals, big dreams and are pursuing them. I think it is important to surround yourself with friends like these because overtime they do begin to influence you and being influenced by someone who has big goals too is huge benefit for both of you.

Those are my main three points that help me focus and study.WIth that daily reminder I’ll never forget why I am doing what I’m doing. When those three points are taken care of I can pay more attention to what needs to be done. I won’t be distracted by a messy room or my outfit because there won’t be a messy room and my outfit will be chosen wisely. Maybe it’s a little OCD but in healthy way, I promise.

Love, Elle



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