Shades Of Grey

I am loving the weather lately but not loving my runny nose, I would enjoy the weather a lot more if I could breathe properly. Anyways, I’ve been into mixing different shades of one color lately. Pairing my grey dress with shoes that have a different shade of grey but all still in the grey family. I think the contrast between them is perfect. In order to dress down this outfit, I wore to have breakfast, I simply tied an army green jacket around my waist. Accessories are minimal and simple where I chose my dainty gold necklace, a watch, and bracelet. I knew I wasn’t going to be doing much walking so I was definitely going for a more dressed up version of casual. I would like to think it’s casual but let’s be real…’s not. I’m wearing some pretty high heels that I love but can’t wear the whole day IF I’m walking a lot so I chose these heels because there was not much walking being done. Now my favorite part of my look is my BAG!! I think it is the cutest thing ever, the color goes with everything and it can fit so much inside. This bag pulls my whole outfit together, making it look more “Fall”. Below are a few more pictures of my outfit! Details at the end!

Love, Elle


Dress- from zara (Similar here)
Jacket- older but from Nordstrom
Shoes- older but Vince Camuto
Bag- Rebecca Minkoff 


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