November Favorites

1698661_orig I am currently obsessed with all of the things shown above! I believe every one of these items resembles Fall in just the most perfect way. One of my must have items include the over the knee boot, I have been searching everywhere for the perfect pair that look great on me. I have ordered countless pairs but never convince me once I receive them. A staple piece like boots need to fit you perfectly in all the right places, doesn’t matter how good the deal is! Anyways I’m still on the hunt for my black over the knee boot. Now another item I have been obsessing over are what I call a cape coat. These coats are just so cute and instantly add a touch of chic-ness, and of course keep you very warm. The only thing I’ve realized while searching for my perfect one is that I am extremely picky about the certain material I want, I am yet to find one that I like that doesn’t cost too much. Now moving on to this little handbag, I L-O-V-E this rebecca Minkoff bag it’s just so versatile from season to season! It’s the perfect little size for a on-the-go kind of girl like me who doesn’t like to carry too much. I’m keeping my eye on this little bag and will probably very soon give in and purchase it! I actually own all of the jewelry pieces and they happen to be my essential pieces for almost everyday and I highly recommend every single item. As for the makeup, my favorite eyeliner is from wet and wild because of the very thin brush it has. This eyeliner makes it very easy to do a thin wing or add it on and create a thicker wing, it’s pretty darn cheap too! Chanel ‘Le Volume’ is my favorite mascara ever! You can keep it natural or add it on to make your lashes more full and thick. I am trying to experiment with more lipsticks and blushes and step out of my comfort zone which happens to be chapstick and bronzer! So I have decided to buy more lipsticks and blushes, the wine dark red lipstick is my favorite for Fall because it makes me feel so mysterious and almost evil (in a sexy way…if that makes sense) It just goes so well with every skin tone. I’ve also been using a darker plum color blush that goes perfectly with my dark lips and I love the combo. Well there you have it, my DARK Fall must haves! Have a wonderful month of November.

Love, Elle


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