Tulle dreaming

Okay, so I have a fun event coming up and I want to recreate an outfit I keep pinning similar pins of on pinterest. This outfit is for an event that is Halloween themed and it’s for…….. Mickey’s (not so scary) Halloween Party! I’m so excited because I’ve never really celebrated Halloween growing up but I’ve always loved how magical this season is with all the pumpkins, the fall colors, the weather, the food, really everything. So I’m excited to go to this event that takes place inside of Disneyland and I’m really hoping to see giant pumpkins and candy corns sitting around the park (fingers crossed). Anyways, back to my outfit planning, I have been thinking about my outfit and I don’t really want to dress for Halloween with a costume but I do want to have a cute outfit for the many pictures I want to take so I’m deciding to wear something I already own. The piece I have chosen is a white tulle skirt from Bailey 44 that I have only worn once!!  I’m going to share a few of the pictures I pinned in hopes of recreating.

The Sweater  ♥

If the weather is going to be cold, I’m going to change my crop top for a white sweater..something like this.

The Shoe

I wish I could say I’m going to wear the prettiest nude heel but let’s be real…I’d be crazy if I did since there will obviously be lots of walking. I’m still going to stick with a nude shoe like some of these.


The Face

Since my outfit is really nothing Disney related, I’m throwing on some Minnie ears I own and I’m thinking about painting my face to look a little something like this…..or something more simple with wispy eyelashes like these.

That’s my tulle dreaming.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Elle ♥


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