Flower Crowns

2418109_origI am absolutely obsessed with flower crowns and how whimsical they look with a pretty dress or top. I have been wearing this one quite a lot this summer! One thing I don’t like about flower crowns is how expensive they can be. Especially for a trendy piece like this I just don’t feel like it’s worth the spend. So after much research I came up with a way to make them. I know they look as if they would take hours to make but they don’t! I promise! They are incredibly easy and fast to make and what I loved so much about my technique is that you can personalize your flower crown.

Here is what you’ll need:646366_orig

1. Choose the flowers you want to use, pull them off the stems.

2. Take a piece of thin wire and start securing some of the wire to the flower.

3. Measure your head and cut the thicker green wire accordingly but make sure you leave a few extra inches. Now twist the ends together. (this is why you need a few extra inches)9374764_orig
4. Then secure the flower to the thicker wire using the thin wire.

5. Once all the flowers are secured onto the crown, to avoid the wire from hurting your head, take the tape and wrap it all around the crown.

1442673345I hope you found this helpful and easy, as much as I did!
Let me know how yours turned out or if you have any questions!
much love, Michelle.


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