London, England


Oh, the city of London. It’s so fast pace here when walking down the streets I couldn’t help but walk fast as well so that the person behind me won’t get frustrated (haha). We actually purchased a city tour bus that was the best thing ever because we got to see all of London with the luxury of hopping on and off the buses whenever we wanted. There were so many cute little tea spots on every corner. We had to try one of them so I choose this one because I thought it was decorated in such a unique way. Everything was delicious. We of course went shopping but tried to refrain since pounds are actually more than dollars therefore when purchasing a $10 shirt it’s actually $20. Such a posh, cute little city! Definitely a must see!!

Here are some pictures of my trip.

Love, Elle.

IMG_4475IMG_4478IMG_4497IMG_4502IMG_4505IMG_4509IMG_4582IMG_4676IMG_4682IMG_4731IMG_4761IMG_4778IMG_4790IMG_4793IMG_4796IMG_4867IMG_4868IMG_4870IMG_4878 1IMG_4901IMG_5042IMG_5053IMG_5156


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