Long Beach, California

I am not much of a beach girl, mostly because every single time I try to swim the water always tries to kill me, but there is something about this beach that is so magical. From when the sun rises until the sun sets it is perfection. This beach has so much to offer! First of all, that coconut is purchased near this beach at a restaurant called Open Sesame but there are so many restaurants to choose from. I love ordering some food, walking over to this side of the beach with a cozy blanket and just enjoying the scene as well as my food. They also have a little paddle boarding or kayaking station where you can rent them for a few hours. I love how there are no waves anywhere just a very soft peaceful current that would be perfect for me since I always almost drown when I attempt to swim. Next summer I plan on taking out a floaty maybe read a book as I float around. Honestly, I could spend my whole day here making little trips to go try all the restaurants down 2nd street. Definitely gonna try to!



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