Salamanca, Spain

While being in Spain we ventured out to Salamanca where I hopped on a train with my adorable carry on, that had a big black bow right on top of the all white leather probably one of the cutest suitcases I’ve ever owned. Anyway, back to the Salamanca, once off the train it seemed as if it were a whole new city compared to Cordoba where we had been staying, the ambiance was busy and people walked rapidly along the streets. Many people lugging around their little suitcases. It seemed like the place to be since many of them were young , like me. Turns out there is a University there that takes many international students. This city was small but full of life having many small restaurants along the streets with live entertainment on almost every corner. I happen to love places like this with music everywhere you go, it made my trip even more magical. We actually stayed in a hostel during this little trip but it was so spacious and clean that I didn’t mind, probably wouldn’t stay in a hostel again but because we knew the owner of the hostel she gave us such a good deal and the better rooms. We were only here for the weekend but it was the perfect time to see everything since it’s so small. Although I’m not Catholic I loved admiring the architecture, not only with the churches but….pretty much every single building. My favorite part of this mini getaway from our vacation destination had to be the Plaza Mayor de Salamanca but only once the sun disappeared did this castle light up for the most beautiful pictures and just scene in general. Truly such a beautiful city.


Me la pase muy bien, y estoy enamorada de todo lo que tuve la oportunidad de mirar con mis ojos, y  de toda la hermosa gente que conocí llena de alegría y del señor!!

Buenas Noches Salamanca.

Your Elle.



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