Malaga, Spain

Malaga!! Right next to the beach, full of heat and fun. This city is located right near the water making the go to destination for a summer vacation. Everything about it reminds me of summer, probably the best place to be during winter too. I’m a HUGE fan of…. anything seafood so I was in food heaven trying new dishes of seafood every day for a week or having Mama Morales make us a delicious home cooked meal the true malaga way. While the sun was scorching hot a few of us went out to the beach, snacked on bread and jomon and went swimming all day. Once the sun went down we realized everyone went out during 8 to like 2AM! So weird, coming from a place that everything closes at like 9 the latest but it was amazing weather at night and everyone including the older people from the city, so it always felt safe. Another fun thing we did is go to a theme park of animals, it was small but fun!

These are pretty much the only pictures I got.263236_620383797973662_2129569360_n308408_620388424639866_1300309104_n308415_620383724640336_579930563_n420281_620388121306563_883841140_n485508_620388014639907_68413187_n941436_620383007973741_456753139_n942238_620383401307035_1932274364_n942555_620383501307025_580847611_n945305_620383107973731_1429356104_nIMG_0340IMG_0341IMG_0342IMG_0344IMG_0348IMG_0351IMG_0360IMG_0364IMG_0382


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